Arginine.net is a webshop run by Paul Wilson of San Diego.

We sell arginine powder, as well as a few more exotic sexual enhancement supplements.

Thai tongkat ali extract, 400 caps @ 300 mg (1 bottle) – $237.50

Butea superba extract, 400 capsules 300 mg – $158.50

Arginine has some potential for sexual enhancement, but in all honesty, its effects are not dramatic. When this domain was registered, in 1999, arginine was much hyped. But as time went by, it became clear that its potential is limited.

There are loads of articles on the internet that write about arginine, both in the scientific and in the popular media. Despite our domain name, to be a primary source of information on arginine is beyond the scope of this website.

We also sell a number of herbal sexual enhancement products from Thailand (San Diego Paul is an off-and-on resident of Pattaya, which explains our focus on sexual supplements, rather than, for example, traditional remedies for diabetes or high blood pressure).

The Thai sexual enhancement herbals we trade are tongkat ali, butea superba, krachai dam (kaempferia parviflora), and fingerroot (boesenbergia rotunda).

The effectiveness of these herbals for sexual purposes has been confirmed in numerous scientific and clinical studies. All four are widely used in Thailand.

Even though tongkat ali, butea superba, krachai dam, and fingerroot are not very well-known in San Diego or the US overall, at lot of data has already been published on all four. It's superfluous to go into much detail again. We rather concentrate on trade at low prices.

Just that much: butea superba and tongkat ali (the Thai variety) are testosterone boosters. They are great for sexual desire, libido, and sexual sensation, even orgasms.

Krachai dam and fingerroot are another story. They work on penile blood vessels, similar to Pfizer’s Blue, to which they are chemically related. All, Pfizer’s Blue, krachai dam, and fingerroot are phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

Krachai dam has many other names. The scientific name is kaempferia parviflora, a bit long for comfort. But use the scientific name if you want to check scholar.google.com for clinical studies.

Krachai dam is also known as krachai dum. Actually, the correct pronunciation of krachai dam rhymes with "rum", the Carribean sugar whiskey. But krachai dam is the common transliteration of the Thai word. "Dam" means black. So, krachai dam is also know as black ginger. But this is misleading because it's not an ingredient in Asian cuisine, but a traditional medication.

The scientific name for fingerroot is boesenbergia rotunda.

A note on the comparison between Thai and Indonesian tongkat ali: the Thai variety is more sexually stimulating.

Our butea superba, krachai dam, fingerroot, and tongkat ali extracts are all manufactured by Sumatra Pasak Bumi, a trans-Asian company specializing on sexual enhancement. Their main website is tongkatali.org.

Please feel free to confirm with them (Ms Shanty) that I am legit. So much fake stuff on the web, even on the shelves there in Asia.

Purchase from me through the links below:

Tongkat ali

Thai tongkat ali extract, 300 mg capsules, 100 capsules per bottle

Butea superba

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Kaempferia parviflora plus butea superba

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Boesenbergia rotunda


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